Where do we stand now?

Ford has shown that he has no concern for those in poverty or who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

What has been cancelled?

Ford dropped the three year basic income pilot project before the three years was passed, leaving families who depended on the project in the lurch. Ford not only cancelled a planned Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program increase, but also cut current increases to below the current rates of inflation, and changed policy so that there is less incentive to work.

How has he impacted his own community?

Ford involved himself in a plan to build a temporary shelter in Etobicoke by calling the city councillor and the mayor. The shelter will no longer be built at that location.

What about homelessness prevention, like living wages?

Ford plans on freezing and repealing the new minimum wage increase, which will lead to many Canadians being dropped back into poverty.

What about the health of homeless individuals?

Many of the issues we discuss at What The Ford are intersectional. There is a large overlap between health policy and homeless populations. For example his move to cut OHIP+ means that adults and teens under 25 may no longer have health coverage for prescriptions.  He is also against safe injection sites, proven to save lives of those with addiction. You can read more in the healthcare section of our site.

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