Is Doug Ford racist?

Dog Ford uses a lot of dog whistle politics. A method of using coded speech and terms to make racist implications without using a derogatory slur. For example using the word “thug” to describe violence in a black neighbourhood, and saying something like “kids making mistakes”  in a white neighbourhood to describe the same behaviour. The difference may seem slight to the average listener, but it validates those who are already biased.

What about the company he keeps?

Doug Ford is supported by the worst of the worst of Canadian alt-right. He recently refused to denounce support from nazi and mayoral candidate Faith Goldy. He supported a Tory candidate, Andrew Lawton, who was outed for racist, sexist, and homophobic language. Lawton claimed that women in Germany deserved to be raped because of their ‘lax refugee policies’. Ford spoke at a Rebel Media event in June 2017. Rebel Media is Canada’s version of Brietbart; an alt-right, racist publication. Faith Goldy, Ezra Levant, the Proud Boys (a white supremacy group) and Ronny Cameron all supported Ford. He was even made Proud Boy of the Month.

Ok but what about his policies? He may have a point of view, but are his policies racist?

Doug Ford is fighting for what he calls ‘free speech for everyone’ on Ontario college and university campuses, leading to racist far right speakers (Lindsay Shepherd, Jordan Peterson)  Ford wants to reinstate TAVIS (the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy) which used racial profiling, carding and unlawful arrests to target black people in Toronto, and enforces the prison industrial complex.  He has moved the Anti-Racism Directorate under the Community Safety and Correctional Services portfolio. This links blackness to criminality.

What if he says he is friends with people of colour?

His cabinet has only one minister who is a visible minority. Ford values the expertise and perspective of people of colour even less that he values (white) women as we mentioned above.

Take action!