Where does Ford stand on the refugee crisis?

Ford has made many moves against refugees in Ontario. This is similar to the feelings we’ve seen in the Trump administration. Uses language that creates hate, fear and misunderstanding towards refugees. ‘Illegal’ refugees and migrants is a lie. Under Canadian and International law, irregular entry into a country is not illegal if you’re seeking asylum. He has demonstrated a basic misunderstanding of the asylum seeking system in Canada, to the point where Prime Minister Trudeau had to explain it to him.

How are refugee issues being handled within cabinet?

Ford got rid of the provincial Immigration Minister and lumped that portfolio into one with three other large files; immigration, children and youth services, community and social services, as well as women’s issues. You can read more about cabinet impact here.

What specific policy issues are being impacted?

Ford ended an agreement with the Federal Government to work together on asylum refugee solutions. This included rejecting funding. Ford was quoted as saying that before he pushed more immigrants to move to Northern Ontario, where mayors and populations were asking for the economic help that immigrants bring, Ontario needed to ‘take care of our own.’ We can anticipate that these sentiments will be reflected in future issues surrounding the rights of refugees.


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