Is Doug Ford sexist?

Ford continues a sexist, conservative attack on women. When Trump’s Access Hollywood tape was leaked, Ford claimed that women cared more about taxes than sexual assault. He once called a female reporter “a little bitch”. We could continue to list examples of his character, but we will move forward to his policies, which are sexist.

Ok, which policies specifically are sexist?

Ford’s refusal to continue with the updated sexual education curriculum shows that he places no value on consent. Going back to the 1998 version means we lose all mention of the internet, gender identity, and consent. The new curriculum brought Ontario up to speed with other provinces. Ford opposes Bill 163, which makes it illegal to protest outside of abortion clinics. Cutting OHIP+ coverage means that teens and young adults under the age of 25 may have to look to use their parent’s health insurance for access to birth control and abortions. Ford also quietly scrapped a cap for private childcare companies and cut 22.7$ million in funding for low-income childcare subsidies. These impacts parents across gender, we’ve specifically included it here because childcare costs have long been proven to be a barrier to women looking to reenter the workforce.

Do any sexist groups support Ford?

Ford is supported by the Campaign Life Coalition. He campaigned on promises to anti-abortion groups, and Ontario’s religious right. He’s made several promises including that he’d allow legislation that lets doctors deny patients seeking abortion, let parents stop teens from seeking abortion, and allow other debates on restricting access to abortion.

Can he be sexist if he hires women?

Ford appointed only 7 women in a cabinet of 20. All of whom are white and cannot speak to the intersections of identity many women face. Additionally, it’s important to point out that women can be sexist in their actions and policies due to internalized misogyny.

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